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How do I patch a hole I accidentally drilled in my workbench?


I accidentally drilled through a workpiece into my workbench with a 112 " Forstner bit. The hole is about 18 " deep. What can I do to restore the flatness of the bench?
—Robert Carlson, San Mateo, Calif.


You can fill that shallow hole with two-part epoxy, Robert. For a small job like this, pick up a syringe of epoxy at the hardware store. (Any type of epoxy will work, but quick-set varieties will take less time to complete the task. Be sure to read the directions on the package.)

Begin by cleaning out the hole with compressed air to ensure good adhesion. Next, squeeze out a dollop of epoxy, mix it thoroughly, and slather it into the hole. Spread it evenly with a putty knife or scrap of wood. Let it dry according to the instructions. Then, sand or scrape away any excess to return your benchtop to a flat—albeit visibly patched—state.

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