Discover how to build and get more out of your woodworking bench. Learn about bench vises, accessory worksurfaces, workbench accessories, bench upgrades. You'll also find details on maintaining your workbench.

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Trick out your workbench: From zero to workshop hero
Turn a lackluster worktable into a capable woodworker’s bench with these seven simple ideas using common add-ons and accessories.
Vise Squad
A vise makes a workbench more than a flat surface for working on projects. Install a vise on one end and another on an edge, and you’ll cover nearly all your workholding needs. We’ve built a lot of workbenches over the decades with a lot of vises, and we recommend these six.
Spinner speeds vise adjustment
The end vise on my workbench takes an annoyingly long time to adjust. How can I get a speed boost without plunking down a huge amount of money for a nut-release model?
Bench Vises
Here’s a rundown on the different types of vises, and which one or two would be best for your workbench.
Where should you position bench-dog holes?
I’m building a workbench, and wondering about where to space the holes for the bench dogs. Is there a rule of thumb?
Tool-tray system adapts to your changing needs
I’ve long debated whether to add a permanent tool tray to my workbench.

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No-dough collapsible sawhorse/work table
Making small parts using a mitersaw or tablesaw can be a dicey affair.
Buying a Workbench
A workbench anchors your woodworking shop by providing a flat, durable surface dedicated to making parts and assembling projects.
What's the best height for a workbench?

I’m ready to design and build a workbench for my shop. How tall should I make the bench for comfortable woodworking?