Discover how to build and get more out of your woodworking bench. Learn about bench vises, accessory worksurfaces, workbench accessories, bench upgrades. You'll also find details on maintaining your workbench.

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3 bench upgrades
Few shop items hold as much raw potential as your workbench. Here's how to tap into its full usefulness with a trio of improvements.
How to flatten an uneven workbench top
You gotta start flat to end flat and square.
Man's best friend in the shop: Bench Dogs
WOOD® project designers/builders Kevin Boyle and John Olson differ in their preferences for dogs that require round or square bench holes. Kevin likes dogs with round shanks for their versatility.
Spinner speeds vise adjustment
The end vise on my workbench takes an annoyingly long time to adjust. How can I get a speed boost without plunking down a huge amount of money for a nut-release model?
Bench Vises
Here’s a rundown on the different types of vises, and which one or two would be best for your workbench.
Where should you position bench-dog holes?
I’m building a workbench, and wondering about where to space the holes for the bench dogs. Is there a rule of thumb?

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Tool-tray system adapts to your changing needs
I’ve long debated whether to add a permanent tool tray to my workbench.
No-dough collapsible sawhorse/work table
Making small parts using a mitersaw or tablesaw can be a dicey affair.
Hardness ratings help you choose the right species   

I'm building a workbench which will take a lot of abuse. That started me thinking about the relative hardness of woods. How is that determine?