Outfit and Organize

Get the most out of your woodworking shop with these handy tips for shop organization. Find out how to outfit your shop with jigs, fixtures, and accessories for maximum efficiency.

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Assemble two 7 1/2 x19' slatwalls in 4 hours
When slatwall was introduced 40 years ago, it provided retailers the flexibility to quickly change their wall displays. Homeowners can now enjoy that benefit, too.
Custom Tool Organization with Foam Inserts
Organize your tool-chest drawers with foam inserts cut to fit specific tools.
Best-looking floor in town, two-part epoxy floor covering
Can a homeowner epoxy project look as spectacular as a new-car showroom? Yep, this stuff is scary beautiful.
Make the Most of Your Garage Shop
Are cars tailgating your tablesaw and shovels burying your bench? Take charge of your garage shop and add storage, flexibility, and convenience. Here’s how.
Ways to Pay Less While Woodworking More
Tip the economic scales in your favor with these money-saving ideas.

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