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Is there a wireless remote light?


I get so engrossed with working in my garage workshop that I sometimes miss a hot supper when my wife calls and I can’t hear her. I tried a wireless doorbell, but that’s not loud enough. Is there a way to make a wireless remote light?
—Bob Parsons, Maplewood, Minnesota


When the sound of the tablesaw drowns out the growling of your stomach, let a wireless switch connected to a lamp in your shop call you to dinner, Bob. Among those available is one through (no. B00008X5D5). It works up to 100 feet, depending on the number of walls and metal obstructions between the transmitter and receiver.

Plug a lamp into the receiver and the receiver into the workshop wall outlet closest to your house. Then place the lamp where its light will be noticed. By pressing the on and off buttons on the keychain transmitter, your wife can send you a supper signal. Or to really get your attention, plug in a rotating beacon such as the one shown above, or a strobe light. Both are available at novelty stores.

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