Lighting and Wiring

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Get Wired
Don't take your power needs for granted, or you may starve your tools
Light fixture positioning made simple
To ensure adequate shop lighting without shadows or dark spots, use these simple formulas to determine fixture locations.
A bright idea
Experts agree that improved lighting should play a key role in every garage makeover.
Let There Be (Better) light
Roll with the technical advances in lighting and brighten up your shop with LEDs. You’ll see better, save money, and change lightbulbs far less often.
Critical questions about workshop wiring
See if your shop has the power it needs for the woodworking you want to do.
Is there a wireless remote light?
I get so engrossed with working in my garage workshop that I sometimes miss a hot supper when my wife calls and I can’t hear her. Is there a way to make a wireless remote light?

More Lighting and Wiring

What's the best spacing for shop-light fixtures?
I’m in the process of completing my new shop at home, and I have a load of fluorescent lights to install. How should I space them for best effect?
Why do some plugs have three prongs and some have two?
Why do some electric tools’ plugs have three prongs, while others have only two? Is one version safer than the other?
Doorbell in shop alerts woodworker of phone calls

The convenient shop telephone is even more practical with this reader's tip.