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Tablesaw pattern jig



I’m making Adirondack chairs that have tapered rip cuts on a number of pieces. 
Can I make these cuts at the tablesaw?

—Brad Johnson, St. Paul, Minnesota


You sure can, Brad, by using a technique that definitely will save you time. Begin by making a plywood pattern of each piece that requires tapered cuts. Then fasten the pattern to the stock with double-faced tape or screws. With a little planning, you may be able to position the pattern screws where you’ll later make screw holes in the finished piece. Now, make a pattern-cutting jig by screwing together two pieces of plywood as shown on the drawing. Clamp the jig to your tablesaw’s rip fence, and position its edge a scant 132 " beyond the edge of the blade. Slide each pattern/stock assembly along the fence to duplicate the parts.

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