The California shop of Tyme (he goes by the single name), adjacent to his home, used to be a bait shop.
Tymeu2019s shop is a model of cleanliness and comfort. Dust filters housed outside his shop mean almost no dust anywhere. Excellent lighting and cushioned floor mats cover all work areas. See more photos at

The California shop of Tyme (he goes by the single name), adjacent to his home, used to be a bait shop. "It had the original coin boxes, everything from the old store, and was still painted government green on the inside," he recalls.

Tyme's shop has entrances near all four corners. The utility extension muffles his air compressor and dust collector. He vents the dust collector outdoors because in his mild climate, it's not removing heated or cooled air from the shop.

Outfitted with 2×6 walls, dual-pane windows, R-16 insulation, and redwood siding on 34 " plywood sheathing, very little noise escapes. Tyme beefed up the floor by covering the original 2×6 joists with 1×6 Douglas fir and a 112 "-thick layer of tongue-and-groove plywood topped with #3-grade oak flooring. A 3×16' shop extension divided into closets houses the noisy stuff, including his vacuum pump and air dryer.

Aligning the mitersaw station with a door at each end allows for cutting long stock by opening one or both doors. A shroud fronted by plastic sheeting keeps sawdust contained.

Tyme made lever-operated retractable caster assemblies he activates by foot for many of his tool bases and his bench. Eighteen flourescent light fixtures mounted flush in the ceiling provide plentiful light while protecting the bulbs from breakage. Many cabinets, shelves, and drawers sport prominent labels because "I'm teaching my grandkids. I want them to learn to put tools back where they should go."

Every tool in the shop has dust collection. Ducts drop to all major machines, while portable vacuums handle spot-collection tasks. Ten large windows on three sides of the shop allow in lots of natural light.