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5th Shop's a Charm


Dale Faulstich of Sequim, Washington, goes through woodworking shops the way some go through cars. “This is the fifth shop I’ve had in my life,” says the renowned carver of Northwest Native American totem poles. But like a vehicle you finally customize just the way you like, he’s found his keeper in this shop. With nearly 1,200 square feet of space, the shop’s spacious interior and 15'-tall cathedral ceiling ensure Dale has plenty of room to maneuver large workpieces and teach classes. A 10×12' overhead door makes unloading lumber or tools a breeze. Plus, “All my tools are on wheels,” Dale says, “so I can just roll them outdoors when it’s a pleasant summer day.” 

Dale’s shop features an all-cedar exterior perfectly suited to its home in the heavily wooded Olympic Peninsula northwest of Seattle, Washington.

For Dale, every project begins at the drawing table and desk he created out of birch plywood and alder framing. He also constructed the cabinets above and on floor level to match.


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