Inspiring Shops

Looking for some inspiration for your woodworking shop? These workshops range from small to large, all of them full of ideas you can use in your shop.

Most Recent

Vintage Garage: The Extended Edition
Living in a 1920s-vintage neighborhood in the city means garages are small, if they exist at all.
Wood shop, metal shop, race shop
Jack Olsen had to find a way to make this 440-sq-ft garage work as a metal shop, a wood shop, and an auto shop-all without any room to expand and only $1,000 to cover the upgrades.   
The "over-the-top" workshop
From the outside, Mike Walker's workshop looks like a well-appointed lakeside retreat . It looks like that on the inside too—except for all the woodworking tools.
Group Dynamic
After their previous workshop burned to the ground in 2020, members of the woodworkers association at the Peter Becker Community in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, envisioned a new, fully-equipped shop.
Showboat Shop
Dan Janke’s multipurpose shop serves as a classroom, boat-restoration dry dock, and the seat of his chairmaking activities.
Doubly Beneficial Shop
With his spacious standalone workshop, Mitchell Scott can run two tablesaws with different setups (crosscuts and rips, or cuts and dadoes, for example). 

More Inspiring Shops

A shop of new beginnings
Relocating to Florida from Oregon to recover from stressful family and medical issues.
Religious Conversion
When the property next to their rural Iowa home came up for sale, Bud Bieker's wife, Joan, knew she had to act fast to purchase it. An 1880-era church, converted to a house in the 1920s, it offered plenty of room for Bud's woodshop, which was overrunning their garage. 
Shop Tyme

Art and science are often at odds, but in Tyme's La Mesa, Calif., shop the two have forged an equal, complementary partnership.Tyme (he goes by the single name) enjoyed careers ranging from electrician to his current profession as an orthopedic health specialist, but his life always revolved around artistic pursuits as well. The separate disciplines dovetail nicely in both the design and function of his elaborate workshop.Tyme's shop is a model of cleanliness and comfort: almost no dust anywhere, excellent lighting, and cushioned floor mats cover all work areas.