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Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 25: A Router Table Upgrade

This check and a bit of savings purchase the materials to build an upgraded router table that provides a more stable worksurface, an improved fence, better dust collection, and integrated storage. Download the plan here. You’ll love the more comfortable working height, as well as having bits, wrenches, push pads, and other accessories quickly accessible in the drawers. By mounting the router to an insert plate recessed in the tabletop, it’s easier to remove the router for bit changes and height adjustments—or even for a quick handheld task. Hang on to your portable, sawhorse-straddling router table built with paycheck 7; it serves well when you need to work away from the shop.

It's been almost a full year building Idea Shop 6. Paycheck 26 is the last budgeted amount.


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