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Idea Shop 6, Paycheck 20: Wall Storage

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Build versatile wall storage using perforated hardboard (one brand is Pegboard). Hung from the same type of beveled French cleat as the clamp rack from Paycheck 9, you can make, move, and arrange several panels to suit your needs. Easily reconfigure the hooks on the panel as your storage needs change. Hardwood edging stiffens the 24×48" panel and provides clearance on the back face for the hooks.

Hooks and hangers come in a variety of sizes and functions.

IS6 Pegboard hooks COB

For example, short hooks accept wrenches, and you can make a shelf by resting a piece of scrap stock on a pair of longer hooks with supports. To bank enough money to buy the planer later, we made just one panel for now. 

Watch the video below to see how paychecks 17-20 have filled out Idea Shop 6.

Then look forward to Paycheck 21.

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