The seal between my cyclone dust collector’s pleated filter and the clean-out pan sometimes develops leaks. How can I fix this?


The seal between my cyclone dust collector's pleated filter and the clean-out pan sometimes develops leaks, spitting fine dust into the workshop. I replaced the original gasket with new self-stick weatherstripping, but that blew out after a few months. Next I replaced the original wire clips with spring clamps that compressed the gasket tighter, but it still failed eventually. I've run out of ideas. How can I fix this?
—Bennie Scanlan, Middleburg Heights, Ohio


A cyclone exerts more air pressure than self-stick weatherstripping encounters when sealing around a door or window, Bennie, so it needs more stickiness to stay in place in this use. Create a stronger bond with spray adhesive.

First, peel or scrape the old weatherstripping from the rim of the clean-out pan, and remove any residual adhesive with mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. While the pan dries, measure its outer rim diameter and multiply by 3.14 to find its circumference. Add an inch to be on the safe side. Cut a piece of weatherstripping to this length, and discard its paper backing. Apply multipupose spray adhesive (such as 3M Super 77) onto both the pan and the sticky side of the weatherstripping, and let the adhesive tack up for at least 30 seconds. Apply the weatherstripping around the pan's perimeter, overlapping the ends. Cut through both layers with a razor knife to create a tight seam. Clean any overspray off the pan with a rag soaked in your solvent, let it dry, and then reinstall the pan.