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Cordless Cleaners

Bosch blue shop vac connected to bandsaw.

For quick cleanups around the shop without having to drag out the big vac, nothing beats these battery-powered vacuums. They run on (but most don’t come with) the same rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that many of your tools use, and battery runtime exceeded our expectations. Granted, they don’t have as much suction and airflow as comparable corded vacs, but they’re still impressive as detail vacuums. Each comes with a short hose, a nozzle or two, a cartridge-style filter (HEPA-rated on all but the Ryobi), and 112 –3-gallon collection bins. Here are five of our favorites.

Bosch GAS18V-3N (shown above)

18 volts, 2.6 gallons
This model’s supple 5'-long hose stores on the vac with a built-in bungee strap. The unit offers great suction and filtration, and easy waste dumping. It comes with three hose extensions, a detail (crevice) nozzle, and a wide sweep.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 0970-20 

Red Milwaukee M14 shop vac.

18 volts, 2.5 gallons
This vac works well and carries easily, and it connects to Milwaukee’s Packout modular tool-storage system units via built-in latches and hooks. 

Ryobi P3240 

Rectangular Ryobi container with hose attached along its side.

18 volts, 3 gallons
With the largest collection bin, this vac takes longer to fill up, and still balances and handles nicely despite its size.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 0960-20 

Two tone, rectangular container, with hose attached to side and two extra attachments.

12 volts, 1.6 gallons
Its smaller bin size means more frequent dumping, but it’s ideal for small cleanups.

Craftsman CMCV002B 

Rectangular plastic container with hose attached. Showing Craftsman logo and one hose attachment.

20 volts, 2 gallons
Although its tiny power switch can be difficult to trigger, this vac performs nicely.

Bosch blue shop vac connected to bandsaw.
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