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A dust collection idea that’s outside the box


 I have a small shop and want to upgrade to a dedicated dust collection system. What about placing the dust collector outside the shop walls? How good a shelter do I need? The advantage would be more space and less noise. Are there disadvantages?
—John Huseth, Alexandria, Minn.


 Moving a dust collector outside your shop walls requires just a few precautions, John. First, give the equipment a tight shelter against rain, snow, and insects, like that shown above. Then add a return air vent back to your shop to recycle heated or cooled indoor air. This also prevents a pressure buildup in the dust collector storage area, and a vacuum within the entire house that could reverse the venting of poisonous furnace and water heater exhaust gases, drawing them back into your house.

With your dust collector out of the shop, don’t let “out of sight” become “out of mind” when it comes to emptying the collection bag or drum regularly. Post a dry-erase or chalkboard with the “last emptied” date where it acts as a constant reminder. 

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