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Advice for your inspiring workshop is here with topics that include shop storage, dust collection, lighting & wiring, and shop jigs. You'll also find tips about shop layout, maintenance, and workbenches.

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Getting Back to Basics
I decided to go back to basics and refocus my efforts around a core set of tools to develop the fundamental skills.
Guide to workshop dust control
Setting up a dust-collection system is easier than you think. Here’s how one man made it work, and how you can, too.
2 Jigs for Fast, Accurate Tapers
With these two jigs, you can rip tapers on anything from a footstool leg to a tall bedpost.
Can I evict this noisy tenant?
I own a cyclone-type dust collector and I’d like to move it outside my shop in order to cut down on the noise

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Tools, Toys, and Two Cars
Daniel Webb developed his love of woodworking spending time with his grandfather, a master craftsman. But he had to wait decades before having the space to pursue his own dream workshop.
Quick and Easy Sharpening
Put a razor-sharp edge on your chisels and plane irons using self-stick sandpaper, and a grinder equipped with a stone and buffing wheel.

How should you recharge cordless-tool batteries?

keep my spare cordless tool batteries in their chargers, and I’ve heard that this practice can damage the batteries. Should I remove them from the chargers as soon as they’re recharged?