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Wise Buys: Rev Up Your Router Table

Woodpeckers 32" LE Router Table Fence,  #LEFNC616
Our editors choose four accessories that will dramatically improve your table's performance.

Woodpeckers Router Table Fence, #LEFNC616

Let's start with a must-have: a good fence. It's essential for accuracy, dust collection, and safety. I really like this Woodpeckers fence because you get everything you need: tall fence panels, T-slots, a dust port that actually fits my shop vacuum, leveling screws to keep the fence square to the table, shims for offset jointing, and a see-through bit guard.

-- Tested by Kevin Boyle, Senior Design Editor

Milescraft Dual/Tandem Feather Board, #1407

I've looked at, and tested, a lot of feather boards over the years, and these from Milescraft are my favorites. A single, shorter first finger, and the open body make setting the tension a cinch. Sold as a pair, I stack them for tall workpieces, or separate them to provide both in- and down-pressure, as shown here. And they appeal to my frugal side: All of the hardware (miter bars, T-bolts, etc.) comes with this model to use in all those setups—and it still costs less than buying two single models!
—Tested by Dave Campbell, Deputy Editor

MLCS 32" Combo T-Track/Miter Track, #9859

I always have extruded aluminum T-track on hand because I build a ton of jigs. It's so versatile. And I wouldn't own a router table without it or combo track, because they're ideal for guiding and securing these accessories: feather boards, stops, safety guards, and a miter gauge. The combo track (miter U-channel and T-slot side-by-side) is perfect because all those accessories work in it. Trust me, buy extra lengths of both—you'll find yourself using it for a lot more than routing.
—Tested by Jeff Mertz, Design Editor

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MLCS 32" Combo T-Track/Miter Track, #9859

Rockler Safety Power Tool Switch, #20915

For years I used a fixed-base router in my table, and every time I rotated it to adjust the bit height the power switch rotated to a new spot. I was always fumbling under the table trying to locate that switch. Then I tried this auxiliary power switch, and it was like when someone invented the automatic bread slicer: Hallelujah! Now I control the power without reaching below the table. I'll never own another router table without an auxiliary switch.
—Tested by Bob Hunter, Tools & Techniques Editor

Rockler Safety Power Tool Switch, #20915

Woodpeckers 32" LE Router Table Fence,  #LEFNC616
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