When a bandsaw's not an option, turn to the tablesaw for resawing. We show you how to do it safely.

When it's time to resaw lumber for thin stock, a bandsaw usually comes to mind. But in many situations, such as preparing 14 "-thick stock for a project, you can do it on your tablesaw. Most 10" tablesaws easily resaw boards up to 5 12 " wide. Follow these steps.

Outfit your tablesaw with a zero-clearance insert equipped with a 18 " hardboard splitter that protrudes 34 " above the surface of the insert. Then make a 3x8" pushblock with a 38 " notch 6" long from stock at least as thick as the stock to be resawn.

Adjust the blade height to 1316 to clear the splitter, center the stock on the blade, and make the first cut. Then make additional cuts, raising the blade each time until the depth of the cut is just over half the width of the stock you are resawing.

Flip the stock end-for-end, and keeping the same side against the fence, repeat the previous cutting sequence in the other edge until the stock is sawn in half. Push both pieces of the resawn stock all the way past the splitter with the pushblock.