Aligning drawers doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. With this simple technique, we show you how to quickly install perfectly-aligned drawers.

It's a tricky, time-consuming business to install overlay drawer fronts. The tough parts: aligning the fronts with each other and any adjacent doors and keeping the spacing consistent. To solve these problems, I use a very simple and fast technique—spacers.

First, install the drawer boxes in the cabinet. Pre-drill the fastener holes in the drawer box, where shown. Next, pre-drill the center-pull bolt locations in the false drawer front with a 532 " bit. These bolt holes must be square to the front's surface. (I use a drill press.) Starting with the bottom drawer, set the vertical spacer in place, as shown, and hold the false front against the face frame with its bottom edge parallel to the face frame. Drive a 2" screw through the bolt hole as shown, drawing the drawer box tight against the false front. Then, pull the drawer box out, clamp the drawer front to the box at both ends to keep it from rotating, and attach the front through the pre-drilled holes.

Finally, remove the 2" screw and install the pull. If the pull's screw is too short, counterbore the screw hole from the inside out. Repeat this technique for the remaining drawer fronts, using a horizontal spacer, as shown.
—Dennis Strahle, Eagle, Mich.