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How to coil and uncoil bandsaw blades

Quickly and safely condense your blades for convenient storage.

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Holding blade

Hold the blade in your gloved hand, as shown, with the teeth facing away from you. Use a foot to hold the blade to the floor. If you have a concrete floor, place cardboard underfoot to protect the teeth.

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Push down on blade

In one motion, push the blade down as you twist your hand a half-turn ...

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Continue turning

... then continue pushing down as you turn your hand another half-turn.

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Gather loops together

Gather together the three loops with your free hand and hold tightly.

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Secure blade

Secure the blade in coiled form using a binder clip or masking tape.

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Uncoiling a blade: Spring forward, not back

After removing the clip or masking tape, hold one outside blade coil in each hand with the teeth pointed away from you, and slowly spread them apart. Keep your hands low to protect your face from the blade.

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Extend your arms

Extend your arms away from your body and spread your hands apart as you continue to uncoil the blade. As the coils straighten out, the blade will spring into one big loop, so don't be startled.

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