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Repair a misplaced groove

Salvage a miscut workpiece with this neat fix.

  • Repair a misplaced groove

    Regardless of whether you set your fence incorrectly or put the wrong workpiece face against it, don't let an off-target groove, like the one at above, throw you for a loop. If you don't have enough stock to replace the workpiece or can't find a length that matches the grain of mating pieces, simply fix it following these three steps. No one will be the wiser!

  • Step 1: Trim away the mistake

    Cut off the less-conspicuous side (for example, the inside face of a door stile or the bottom of a tabletop) of the misaligned groove to create a rabbet. Be careful to cut flush with the bottom of the groove.

  • Step 2: Fill'er up

    Glue a filler strip into the rabbet. For best results, make the filler stand 164 "-132 " proud of the adjacent faces. Clamp in two directions for a tight fit along both faces of the rabbet. After the glue dries, sand the filler strip flush.

  • Step 3: Cut a new groove

    Double-check your fence setup and workpiece orientation; then, cut the groove in the proper location. Your mistake may be visible on the end grain, but will appear nearly invisible on the face.

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