A turn at the tablesaw can cut down on the amount of work your router bit has to do when making a raised panel. You can shape much more accurately and safely because you'll have less wood to rout. We'll show you how.
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Give Your Router a Break As You Raise a Panel

Here's how reader Robert Reed of Roaming Shores, Ohio, minimizes the amount of wood removed by his panel-raising bit. Take a piece of scrapwood and trace the profile of your panel-raising bit on it. Use a sliding bevel gauge to find an angle that cuts away most of the waste without touching the desired profile.

Set up your tablesaw with the sliding bevel and run each side and end of the panel through as shown. Now you can shape each workpiece more accurately and safely because you have much less wood to rout.

Note that you'll set the rip fence away from the tilt of the blade. You can add a tall fence to the rip fence to support the workpiece while you machine it on edge.

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