The convenient shop telephone is even more practical with this reader's tip.

When I added a telephone line to my detached workshop, I thought I had achieved a new level of convenience that would save many steps. The problem was, my wife and I are both frequently home and each of us answers the phone. If she answered and the call was for me, she would have to come trudging out to the shop. If the reverse happened, I would stop what I was doing and go fetch her.

The solution turned out to be an inexpensive wireless doorbell. I mounted the button in the house near the phone my wife uses most often, and I installed the chime in my workshop. Now, my wife always answers and, if it's for me, she "rings my bell." The system is very reliable and the chime loud enough to hear over most of my machinery.
—H.J. Boger, Rockwell, N.C.