Shop-savvy Clamp Racks

Just as there's no such thing as too many clamps, there's no such thing as too many good ways to hang and organize them. Here you'll find how top woodworkers keep their clamps close at hand.

  • Mobile Clamp Cart

    Like nearly everything in Wisconsin woodworker Lynn "Jumbo" Lawrenz's shop, this clamp cart has wheels for mobility. Measuring 38" high x 36" long x 26" wide, it holds a great variety and number of clamps for all sorts of assembly tasks.

  • Mobile Worktable with Clamp Storage

    For more clamp storage in Lynn "Jumbo" Lawrenz's shop, this mobile worktable has clamp storage and slots for holding Zag brand plastic hardware holders that Jumbo purchased at local home centers. The cart measures 38" high x 56" long x 3812 " wide.

  • Combination Clamp/Glue-Up Rack

    Tired of setting his clamps on the assembly table of the floor, Dave Shively of Lafayette, Indiana, devised this mobile combination clamp rack and glue-up station. Made of 2x2" tubular steel and measuring 7' wide x 6' high x 42" deep, the rack holds twenty 36" bar clamps. See the next slide for the rack in use.

  • Combination Clamp/Glue-Up Rack (Part 2)

    With four tiers, Dave's rack can hold up to four glue-ups simultaneously. Starting with standard clamps, Dave had two pieces of 112 " angle iron cut, welded them together, and then welded them onto the bar. The angle irons fit onto the channels created by horizontal pairs of angle irons.

  • Mobile Clamp Rack

    Rather than mount his clamps on the walls, Mike Walker of Central Washington built this mobile cart.

  • Super-Simple Clamp rack

    Rod Cox of St. Paul, Iowa, says he can store an assortment of 90 clamps on this simply constructed wall-mounted unit. Made from inexpensive pine, it offers gripping shelves and dowels for organizing and keeping anything from pipe clamps to one-hand bar clamps to hand clamps.

  • Angle-Iron Clamp Rack

    A friend of Mike Connolly from Concord, New Hampshire, built this mobile clamp rack. It's made from 112 " angle iron, except for the upper clamp guide, which is 1" angle iron, Clamps are secure by 134 " chain links cut in half and then welded to the angle iron on 134 " centers.

  • A Wall Dedicated to Glue-Ups

    One wall of Dale Toms' Bedford, Virginia, workshop is dedicated to glue-ups. Wall-mounted clamp racks are positioned in corner. Mounting rails spaced along the wall allow glue-ups up to 11' long.

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