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Gallery of garage art

Garages provide plenty of space to display collectibles from ball caps to original signs and pricey gas pumps. We rounded up photos of a few examples.

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Walley's wringer

Before he dries off his 1964 12 Mustang convertible, Tom Whalley runs terry cloth rags through an antique wringer. The tin Gold Bond Stamps signs behind Tom hung outside a furniture store his family once owned. Gold Bond trading stamps were popular through the 1950s and '60s.

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Hats hung high

Most of Tom Whalley's collection of 75-plus hats hangs in his garage. For the inexpensive display, Tom drove drywall screws evenly spaced on a 1x4" red oak molding.

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Signs of distinction

Below the caps, Tom displays his collection of original and replica automobilia and "fantasy" signs (fun or clever; neither original nor replica).

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Keys to relief

Restroom keys once hung inside most gas stations. Ron Hoyt believes this set in mint condition originates from the early 1930s.

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A thirst for original signs

For more than 20 years, Judy Hoyt collected classic 7UP advertising signs from the mid-1950s and earlier.

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From Brown's Buick barn

In rural Georgia, Lamar Brown displays Buick collectibles in his "Buick Barn." This neon sign promoting Buick's iconic automatic transmission dates to the early 1950s.

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Time Passages pumps

Scott Anderson of Time Passages (see Web site on last slide) has garages full of vintage gas pumps—some dating to the 1920s—in various stages of restoration. Scott expects the restored Mobil pump by Tokheim and the Shell pump by Gilbarco would each fetch about $3,000 today. Reproduction pumps sell for about $1,500.

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Garage art made affordable

Replica 14"-diameter clocks make affordable garage art. These clocks sell for about $45 from

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Personalize your garage

There are plenty of ways to add your personal touch to the garage. For starters, here are some automobilia and petrolinia Web sites. Reproduction signs and clocks "Check The Oil!" magazine for collectors Original and replica collectibles, including neon and clocks The largest North American show of automobilia and petrolinia with about 180 vendors. First weekend of August in Des Moines, Iowa Reproduction signs and neon signs Great entry point to historical information, dealers, collectibles, and upcoming shows Petroleum Collectibles Monthly and other reference material Gas and oil advertising collectibles Specializing in gas-pump restorations and parts Reproduction signs, thermometers, and switch plates

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