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Benchtop Hold-Downs Offer Flexible Clamping

Benchtop Hold-Downs
Unable to clamp together complex assemblies? No problem! Using one reader's benchtop clamping system you'll have no trouble mounting pipes in the flanges.

I needed to clamp together a complex assembly with pieces arranged at a couple of different levels. But my standard clamps lacked the reach and versatility that I needed, so I came up with a benchtop clamping system that adjusts to most any project.

I based the system on Pony #56 Pipe Clamps, which have the release clutch and clamping screw both located in the head assembly. I began by drilling 1 116 " holes through my benchtop and then mounting pipe flanges on the underside of the bench.

Now, I can mount 34 " pipes of various lengths in the flanges, then slide one or more Pony #56 clamps onto the pipes. To hold a piece above the benchtop, I flip the bottom clamp upside down, then clamp the workpiece between the two opposing clamps.

The flange threads are tapered, so you can screw a threaded pipe end into the flared end of the flange only. You need to position the flange with the flared end facing upward, and add a 34 "-thick wooden “doughnut.” Also, when mounting the flange, install a piece of pipe in it for proper alignment.

When I'm not using the clamps, I drop short pieces of 34 " schedule 40 PVC into the holes. They sit on top of the flanges, flush with the benchtop, and give me a plastic-reinforced hole that fits a 34 "- diameter bench dog.
—Aaron Butler, Danville, Pa.

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Benchtop Hold-Downs
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