Sacrificial faceplate saves time for production turning.

Around Christmastime, my lathe becomes a production platform for platters. After trying most of the options for mounting a workpiece to a faceplate, I've decided double-faced turner's tape (Rockler part no. 25801; 800-279-4441, is as close to perfect as it gets. Sometimes, it works too well: I usually have to chisel off the sacrificial faceplate and often mar the underside of the platter.

For a solution, I made a sacrificial faceplate as usual, but I cut a 12 " dado 916 " deep through the center before bandsawing it round and screwing it to the lathe's faceplate with the dado facing out. Next, I make a small hardwood wedge that fits into the slot. Then, I use turner's tape to mount the workpiece to the sacrificial faceplate, and turn the platter.

When I'm done, I insert a thin piece of veneer (to protect the workpiece) and the wedge into the dado gap and gently tap in the wedge until the workpiece pops off.
—Doug Green, Marble Falls, Texas