Download Tom McLaughlin's elegant dining chair pattern.

Because the curved back leg for Tom McLaughlin's elegant dining chair measures just over 40" tall, we could not publish a full-size pattern in the May 2011 issue of WOOD Magazine (#204).

In issue #204 of WOOD magazine, we provide a grid pattern of that leg, which you can reproduce on a 4-to-1 scale. But to make it even easier, we've made a full-size pattern available here as a free download. Click on the "Elegant Chair Full Size Pattern" link below to get the full-size pattern. Transfer that PDF file to a portable flash drive or CD, then take it to a copy store where they can print it on large paper.

Or, download the 4-page "Elegant Chair Leg 2" PDF by clicking on the link below, and print on standard 8.5x11" paper. Then, tape or glue the segments together to form the full-size plan.

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Download Elegant Chair Full Size Pattern