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Time Trimming Router Organizer

When you want to use your router, you don't want to waste time routing through drawers and toolboxes for router bits, wrenches, and other accessories. This compact, wall-mounted organizer keeps everything you need, including your router, in plain sight.
  1. Cut the mounting board (A) to the finished size shown in the Materials List. Lay the board on a flat surface, and position the accessories you want to hang on the board. The drawing below shows the dowel sizes and locations for typical accessories—wrenches, router edge guide, and one or more trammel bases for cutting circles. Once you've established locations for your accessories, drill 38 "-deep holes in the board for the dowels and cut the dowels to length. To make the 15° hole for the router dowel, use an adjustable drill guide, or make a 15°-angle drilling guide similar to the 30° guide shown below.
  2. Cut the 34 x34 " trim strips (B, C) to finished lengths. To make the bit shelf (D), cut two pieces of 34 " stock slightly oversize and laminate them together, face to face, with woodworker's glue. When the glue has dried, cut the piece to finished length and width, beveling the back edge to a 30° angle, where shown on the in the exploded view drawing below. Radius the front corners and rout a 14 " round-over on all edges except the back.
  3. Lay out and drill shank holes in the bit organizer for your router bits. You may want to leave extra space on the bit organizer for future acquisitions. Our organizer holds 24 bits of various sizes.
  4. Paint the mounting board the desired color. After the paint dries, nail the trim strips to the edges of the board. Apply clear polyurethane or varnish to the pine trim pieces, dowels, and bit organizer. Glue the dowels into the board, and attach the cup hooks and bit organizer to the board. Mount the board to the wall with screws, making sure to align the board's mounting holes with the wall studs.

Time-Trimming Router Organizer

Time-Trimming Router Organizer

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