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Rock-solid Outfeed Table

If you've had much experience using commercially available roller-stands as outfeed tables, you're already well aware of their shortcomings. Namely, they like to tip over. And, unless you precisely align the roller(s), they tend to track the workpiece off to one side or the other. Add to that the cost and limited uses for roller-stands, and we believe there has to be a better way!

Here's a low-cost solution that works in conjunction with what we consider to be one of the most versatile tools for any workshop: a Black & Decker Workmate. Simply join two pieces of leftover 34 " plywood to form a "T," as shown below. If desired, you can apply paraffin wax or plastic laminate to the top surface, allowing your workpiece to slide more smoothly. Or, build the top surface from a piece of melamine-coated particleboard or kitchen countertop if you have a scrap handy.

rock solid table

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