With a little work at the tablesaw, you can resaw wide boards without a riser-block equipped bandsaw.
Resawing without a banddaw, step 1

A 6"-wide board is about the limit for resawing on a 14" bandsaw without a riser block. So how do you resaw something wider if all you have is a standard bandsaw, or no bandsaw at all? Here's how to do it with your tablesaw and a little elbow grease.

Outfit your tablesaw with a tall auxiliary fence and a zero-clearance insert with a 18 " splitter. Position the fence to center the board on the blade.

Working alternately from both edges, make a series of shallow cuts, progressively raising the blade until reaching the maximum cutting depth of the saw.

Resawing, step 2 of 3

Insert a 18 " spacer in one saw kerf, and clamp the board in your bench vise. Use a handsaw to cut through the web between the kerfs cut with the tablesaw.

Resawing, step 3 of 3

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