Place it anywhere you need it.

The Idea Shop 5 wall cleat system featured on page 86 of the November 2003 issue of WOOD works great for supporting more than cabinets and tool racks. This easy-to-build light support fits and locks onto the same cleat, and can be located near any number of machine operations.

To make this shop helper, cut the cleat support and turn button from solid stock and the shelf, bracket, and back from 34 " plywood. Drill the countersunk screw mounting holes and a hole in the shelf to fit your light bottom. Screw (but don't glue) the support together. The bottom edge of the back needs to be flush with the bottom edge of the wall-hung cleat when in place. Adjust if necessary. Glue and screw the support together, and then position the assembled light support where you need it. Add the light, and swivel the turn button, as shown on the inset photo, to secure the support to the wall cleat.

For use in a shop without the cleat system, construct the project so the back edge of the shelf is flush with the back surface of the back. Omit the turn button and cleat support, and screw the assembled support to the wall, centered over a stud. Then slip the lamp extension into the hole in the shelf.

light support
Rotate the turn buttonto secure the lightsupport to the wall cleat.

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