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A tool for every job, and a place for every tool. That simple adage can be used to organize any shop. If each tool has its own home, you’ll know where to find it and where to put it when you’re done using it. View these shop-tested plans to find the ones just right for your shop.

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Rack for chisels and measuring tools

The magnetic bar across the top of this rack secures chisels and gauges vertically, while an added base beneath heavier chisels and turning tools supports the handles.

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Customized Chisel Rack

You can use this practical rack as a freestanding unit, or remove the feet and fasten it to your workshop wall. Either way, this project displays your chisels proudly and protects their finely honed edges.

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Easy-Story Clamp Rack

A different type of clamp rack that holds clamps by the handles, not the jaws.

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Router-Bit Storage

This modular storage system that fits in any drawer and easily grows to meet your expanding bit collection.

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Safe storage for chisels

When we designed the Craftsman's Pride Tool Chest, we lined the drawer bottoms with felt. Here's how to add extra protection for a set of chisels.

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Easy-Access Lathe Tool Rack

With the look of a fine gun rack, this storage unit keeps long-handled turning tools in a secure horizontal display.

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Universal Clamp Rack

Here's a simple solution based on commonly available adjustable shelf hardware. We'll show you how to build six outside supports and three center supports to make three clamp racks.

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Multipurpose Hanger Shelf

A hang-anywhere home for easy-to-misplace tools.

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Heirloom Tool Chest

Pamper your hand tools and shop supplies in this elegant home-but elegant doesn't mean complicated. This cabinet is merely a collection of plywood and hardwood boxes supported by a sturdy base.

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Mobile Tool Cabinet

Put your tools within easy reach by rolling this sturdy cabinet right up to your work area. When you're through, simply close and lock the doors.

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Universal Wall Cabinet

When we decided to build the Idea Shop we wanted every component to be fresh, new, and above all practical. With that in mind, we put our background to work and designed a wall-cabinet system that works great for organizing hand tools, safety equipment, power-tool accessories, and much more.

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The heavy weight champ of pipe-clamp racks

Sturdy steel rods won't bend or break By building this pipe-clamp rack (it takes no time at all), you can store dozens of clamps in a small space.

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Shop-in-a-box tool cabinet

Keep tools, hardware, and supplies organized in this space-saving, 4-door cabinet. Though it occupies little more than 7 square feet of wall area, it offers a full 26 square feet of storage on the perforated-hardboard panels alone.

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