Avoid smudges and sticky fingers with a mini-lazy Susan that turns while you stay put and spray.
Rotating Finishing Table

Unless you can walk completely around your workbench, you're limited to finishing only two, maybe three, sides of your projects without lifting them. With this versatile finishing turntable designed by WOOD magazine reader Mike Sarnes, of Fairview, Michigan, you can apply finish to every surface without taking a step or lifting the project.


To use the table, space three or four sharpened dowels where they'll best support your workpiece. (You may need to sand the base of the dowels slightly to fit the holes.) Finish the back or bottom, then place the piece finished side down on the dowels -- the points make minimal contact with the fresh finish. Finish the remaining surfaces by rotating the turntable while you spray. Hold smaller parts with clothespins glued to dowels, as shown in the small photo, left.


Buying Guide 6" lazy Susan. Available from woodworking hardware catalogs, including Woodworker's Supply, 800/645-9292, and Woodcraft, 800/225-1153.

Illustration: Kim Downing Photographs: Marty Baldwin

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