Let the wheels do the work with our simple but effective plywood-toting runabout.
Roll-around plywood cart 1

Carrying plywood any distance can quickly turn into a wrestling match, but you'll win hands down when you use this mobile storage rack. And building it won't bust your budget either. All you need is plywood, dimensional lumber, casters, and wood screws.

Swiveling casters allow you to turn the cart in any direction and back it up to a wall for space-saving storage. Full 4x8' sheets fit on the front of the rack. Inside the slats, you can store cut-off pieces.

The construction sequence is as follows: Cut out the two end panels (A), and attach them to the end supports (B). Assemble the base (C, D, E, F,), and attach the end panels to that. Complete the rack by attaching the rails (G).

Roll-around plywood cart 4
Roll-around plywood cart 2
Roll-around plywood cart 2

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