Quick-change system for benchtop tools

Benchtop real estate in my shop is at a premium, so I can’t afford to dedicate permanent space to tools that I use infrequently, such as a grinder, mortiser, or belt/disc sander. Yet, when I do use those tools, I want them securely mounted for safety. So, I came up with a quick-change system that addresses both concerns.

I first found a common mounting-board size that works with all of my benchtop tools, and then cut a 34 "-thick piece of plywood for each tool. On one of these boards, I test-fit each tool to determine the best locations for the three mounting slots, and used a 38 " straight bit to rout the slots leading to each location in each board.

Next, using one of the slotted mounting boards as a guide, I marked the locations for the mounting holes on my benchtop, drilled holes for each 516 "-18 brass threaded insert (part no. 3607-BI from McFeely’s, 800/443-7937 or www.mcfeelys.com), and installed the inserts. You also can buy the studded T-knobs (part no. JKD-3114) from McFeely’s.
—Scott Warnecke, Findlay, Ohio

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