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Fastener Dispenser

Fastener Dispenser

I use drywall screws extensively in my projects. Rather than store them in their flimsy plastic packages, clunky coffee cans, or breakable jars, I designed the storage/dispenser system shown below. I put screws into the top of each bin and select what I need from the self-feeding tray at the bottom. The acrylic front panel lets me keep an eye on my supply. Holes in the back panel allow me to hang the unit on the wall, and a cut-out handle lets me tote it with me to job locations. I can also double my selection of screws by carrying two units back-to-back. While I use my dispensers for various size drywall screws, this design would work just as well with other types of screws, nails, or other fasteners. You could make a scaled-down version to handle brads and tacks.

Himes, Vienna, Ohio

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Fastener Dispenser
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