Drop-down tools preserve workbench space

In my small shop, keeping tools handy—and my workbench clear—is a constant challenge. One solution I developed is this drop-down storage platform for some of my busier benchtop tools.

First, I attach a plywood mounting plate to at least two wall studs above the workbench. Next, I build the platform, as shown above, varying the width according to the tool being stored. I build the platform base deep enough to accommodate dust-hose attachments, and then add a brace that clears the tool's fence.

A continuous hinge holds the platform to the mounting plate, and J-hooks and chain hold the tool secure while it's stowed away. Once the tool is bolted to the platform, I don't even have to worry about clamping it down when working with heavy, awkward pieces.
—Frank Riester, Asheville, N.C.

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