Safely store and organize your favorite saw blades using our easy to build divider.
Blade organizer fits in a drawer

This handy divider lets you organize and protect your favorite saw blades. We dimensioned ours to fit into a drawer in the sawing/routing center shown on page 62 of issue 151 of WOOD® . Feel free to modify your organizer to suit a drawer you have in mind.

To build your own, use the drawing at right to cut all the pieces to size, noting the locations of the extending 3/4x1" tabs on each divider. For our 10" blades we used the wider dividers on the right; for our 8" dado set, the narrow dividers are on the left.

Drill two 1/2" holes in the base piece where dimensioned, and glue a 1/2" dowel 3 1/2" long into each. Next, drill a 5/8" hole into each 1/8" hardboard divider. The dividers slide over the 1/2" dowels to separate saw blades while preventing the teeth from contacting and damaging one another. Mark the tab of each hardboard divider with the appropriate blade description, and set that blade on top of that particular divider.

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