Dispenser keeps waxed paper at your fingertips

It seemed like whenever I needed waxed paper to protect my bench from glue squeeze-out, the waxed paper was buried in a drawer. I either had to dig it out with messy hands or stop and clean up before I went for it.

To put waxed paper within easy reach, I built a wooden box, just big enough to hold the waxed paper in its original box. To keep the roll from jumping out, I drilled a 1-116 " hole in each end, cut matching holes in both ends of the waxed paper box, and slid a 1" dowel rod through the whole works. Then, in each end of the dowel, I drilled a hole and slipped a hairpin hinge pin through the hole to keep the dowel in place. With the box screwed to the wall, I never hunt for waxed paper.
–Martin Cecil, Owensboro, Ky.

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