Put the squeeze on odd shapes
Master of angles

Have you ever struggled to clamp a tapered project part, such as a triangular pediment on top of a frame or plaque? Our wedge-shaped jig and auxiliary vise jaws can help because the vertical dowel in the corner of the wedge pivots in the grooves. With this clamp you can put the squeeze on a variety of angles.

To make the auxiliary jaw liners, cut two pieces of 1"-thick hardwood equal in length and width to your vise jaws. Then, put a 14 "-radius round-nose bit into your table-mounted router. Rout three equally spaced grooves across the width of the jaw liners and two grooves along the length of the jaws. Center the lengthwise grooves 1" from the top and bottom of the jaw liners. Now, secure the liners to the jaws.

Construct the wedge by cutting several pieces of stock using the guidelines in the Wedge detail (below) for size. Glue up sufficient stock to make the depth of the wedge equal to the width of the jaw liners. Rout the groove in the 90-degree corner of the wedge as shown, and fasten the dowel with glue and brads. Finally, give the wedge some gripping power by adding a piece of adhesive-backed 100-grit sandpaper to its longest face.


Project Design: Charles I. Hedlund
Illustrations: Roxanne LeMoine
Photograph: King Au

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