A simple system to keep abrasive discs flat and at the ready for quick mounting
sanding-disc organizer

Ever been frustrated trying to align the holes in a sanding disc with the holes in a random-orbit sander's pad? If so, then you'll appreciate this simple storage and organizing system designed by WOOD® magazine reader and professional woodworker Tom Frazier. This fixture stores three grits of 5" hook-and-loop discs on short pieces of dowel that index with the holes in the sander, making alignment foolproof.

To use the organizer, place the sanding discs over the dowels grit side down. Then just press the sander onto the dowels for surefire alignment. Each section holds about a dozen discs. A cap keeps them flat and clean.

Building a disc dispenser is easy. Cut a base to the size shown from scrap 34 " stock. (Tom used MDF because it stays flat.) Then rout the top edges with a 14 " round-over bit. Next, cut a 14 " hardboard cap, center it on the base, and temporarily tape it in place.

Mounting the dowels accurately is no problem. Use a sanding disc as a guide, and follow the three steps shown in the drawing below. Whether your sander accepts 5-hole or 8-hole discs, three dowels hold each disc securely in place.

sanding-disc organizer

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