Cutting banding to the exact width of a shelf and then gluing and clamping it in place for perfect coverage of a shelf's edge can be difficult.
router jig

To make the task of adding solid-wood edging to shelves and plywood panels easier, cut the banding 18 " wider than the thickness of the sheet goods being banded. Glue and clamp the banding centered along the edge of the shelf with an even overhang (116 ") on both the top and bottom surfaces of the shelf.

Then, construct a pair of the stabilizer jigs shown in the illustration below, and clamp the stabilizers near the edge of your workbench. Next, clamp two banded shelves to the stabilizers where shown in the photo above.

shelf edging jig

Clamping two shelves to the stabilizers provides support for your router base. Install a 12 " flush-trim bit in your router, and rout along one shelf, then the other to trim the edging flush with the top and bottom surfaces of the shelf.