Round Coffee Table

3x3custom, posted on Dec 11, 2018

Round Coffee Table

I built this table using white oak but it could be done with whatever wood species you prefer. The design is pretty simple and its easy to build. The biggest challenge is cutting the large circles, but this is easily done using a jig for the router. 

I decided to add brass next to the legs to match the decor in my house, but this would look great with other details. You can leave the legs plain, use corbels or maybe use large round dowels instead of square ones! 

I also decided to use casters on the bottom so it can easily be moved around the room, I think this is a great feature, but not a necessary one. 

This table ends up being 35" wide and 17" tall.

Materials or Supplies

Materials or Supplies

Two 10' 1x6 boards
Two 12' 1x6 boards
3/8 Dowels
Four 2" Casters


Miter Saw
Table Saw
Dowel Points

Cut all the boards to size

Cut the 1x6 pieces to the following measurements for the top and bottom circles:

2 @ 38"

4 @ 37"

4 @ 32"

4 @ 23"

Cut the remaining 1x6 pieces for the legs:

Cut 4 pieces @ 13" then rip them at the table saw to be 1-1/2" thick. 

You should have 8 pieces for the legs to be glued up in a later step. 

Glue up legs

Take the 8, 13" pieces you cut for the legs and glue them up in pairs to create square legs. 

You should now have 4 legs that are 13" long and 1-1/2" square all around. 

Glue up both top and bottom panels

Glue up the panels that are going to be the top and bottom circles of the table like in the picture. 

The largest 38" pieces should be in the middle, then each piece on either side of it should be the smaller 37" pieces. 

Each consecutive piece should get smaller until you have 7 boards with the 23" pieces at either ends. 

The order from top to bottom of each panel should be:








Cut the panels into circles

Use a circle cutting router jig to cut out the 35" circle. 

Making a circle jig is fairly simple. Take a piece of scrap thats longer than 20" to make sure it goes at least half way across the 35" circle. 

Drill out some holes so that you can attach it to your router as a baseplate. 

Then mark 17.5" from the router bit to the opposite end of the jig and drill a hole for a nail.

Put a nail in the jig that will also go in the center of your panel.

Then slowly start rotating the jig around the nail taking shallow passes and you will get a perfectly round 35" circle. 

You can also cut the circles out with a jigsaw and refine it by sanding. 

Assemble the legs to the top op the table

Mark out the locations for the legs so they are evenly spaced. You can use the hole you drilled in the center for the circle cutting jig as a reference for making these marks. 

Use dowels to connect the legs to the underside of the top round. 

In order to do this, drill holes for the dowels on the underside of the circle and use dowel points to mark for the dowel locations on the legs.

Then proceed to drill the corresponding holes on the legs. 

Glue the legs onto the round with the dowels in place. 

Attach bottom of table

Since the bottom of the table wont be seen you can simply attach it to the legs with screws. 

Flip the table upside down, put the circle in place and screw it down. 

Attach the Casters

While the table is upside down it's a good time to attach the 2" casters. 

screw them into place and you're done!

Finish the table

Finish the table with the finish of your choice!

I chose to do a cerused oak look but this table lends itself to a lot of differnt styles. 

For more information on the build check out my website:

Or watch a full tutorial video on Youtube.

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