Outdoor Parsons Table with Bottle Opener

3x3custom, posted on Dec 11, 2018

Outdoor Table with Bottle Opener

Who likes cleaning up bottle caps after a party? Not me.... This table has a bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher built right into it. It's made of Cedar so it's perfect for outdoors and the joinery is very simple so it's a breeze to build.

I primarily use this table as a buffet table or serving table for parties and get togethers. I think it would be a bit narrow as a dining table, so if you want to use it as a dining table just make it a bit wider. 

Materials or Supplies

Materials or Supplies

One 10' cedar 4x4
Two 8' cedar 2x6s
Six 8' cedar 1x4s
2-1/2" Pocket Hole Screws
1-1/4" Screws
2" Screws
Exterior Wood Glue
Table Top Fasteners (Figure 8 or Z clips)


Miter Saw
Table Saw
Pocket Hole Jig

Cut 4x4 into 4 pieces at 30" for the legs

Rip 2x6s in half to make 2-3/4" wide boards for the apron

Take both 2x6s and rip them in half at the table saw so you get a total of four boards that are 234 " wide. 

Cut apron pieces to size

Cut two pieces @ 8834 " for the long aprons

Cut two pieces @ 1814 " for the short aprons

The rest of the pieces should be cut after assembling the base to make sure they fit perfectly, but there will be six more pieces cut around 27" for the table supports

Add add magnets to one table leg (optional)

If you want the to add a magnet cap catcher to the table leg, drill holes in one side of one of the 30" 4x4 pieces you are using for the table leg. 

Be very careful not to drill all the way through the leg, but you want to get as close as possible to the edge of the wood so the magnet will work through the wood. 

Epoxy some magnets into place then fill the hole with a dowel. 

Assemble the short sides of the table base

Assemble the short sides of the table using pocket holes and 212 ” pocket hole screws on the inside of the table. Leave a 12 ” recess where the outside of the table will be. (Or whatever size recess is pleasing to you) But make sure to install the apron 3/4” from the top of the table leg (because that’s how thick the 1x4 boards actually are).

Use a 34 " spacer under the apron to accomodate for the 1x4 boards you are using as the top. 

Attach the long aprons to the short sides

Attach the long aprons using pocket holes and 212 ” pocket hole screws. Make sure to leave the 34 " space for the top and the 12 ” recess for the sides.

Measure, cut and attach the supports

Measure the inside of table between the 2 long aprons and cut 6 supports to the correct length, then attach them using 212 ” pocket hole screws at around 12” apart from each other. (These pieces should be roughly 27" long)

Attach corner braces

Mark any scraps you have left over for the corner braces. (I used other scraps I had on hand too). Just line it up at each corner, mark it, and cut to those lines. Attach them using 114 ” screws to the aprons and drive one 2” screw straight through the 4x4 leg for more support.

Make sure these braces are the same thickness as the table apron or assemble them so they are flush with the top of the apron. This way the planks for the table top can rest on them.

Attach the bottle opener

Attach the bottle opener to one of the table legs. 

Attach the table top planks

Lay out the 1x4 boards across the top. Mark and cut them to fit. Install the boards using Table Top fasteners, “L” brackets or pocket holes and screws. Make sure to install with an even amount of spacing between the boards if using for outdoors.

Apply finish of choice

I chose to use a white outdoor deck stain for the base and a clear Spar Urethane for the top planks. Both will hold up will for outdoor use. 

For more information check out my website - 3x3custom.com

For a full video tutorial check out my YouTube channel

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