The two roomy drawers in this easy-to-build benchtop base keep your mini lathe's centers and other accessories close at hand.

Build the Base First

The two roomy drawers in this easy-to-build benchtop base keep your mini lathe's centers and other accessories close at hand. When you're done with your turning session, just grab hold of the convenient handle slot and put the entire unit away until next time.

1. Cut out parts A, B, C, D, E, and F, referring to the Bill of Materials and the Exploded View drawing and the Parts View drawing.

2. Make a template of your lathe's mounting holes, if one didn't come with the tool. To make a template, turn the machine upside down and cover the bottom with a sheet of paper. Locate the holes by feel, then mark them with a pencil. Cut out the holes and check the template against the lathe bottom for accuracy.

3. Using your template, lay out the mounting holes on part A. Drill holes of suitable size, and counterbore them on the bottom.

4. Lay out the handle slot where shown on part B. Bore the end holes, and jigsaw between them. Round over the edges. Bore 1-14 " screw access holes through part B to match the holes in part A.

5. Miter-cut both ends of part C and one end of each part D. Then, glue and screw parts A, B, C, D, E, and F together as shown.

Now Make the Two Drawers

1. Cut drawer components G, H, I, J, K, L, and M to the sizes shown on the Bill of Materials, the Drawers drawing, and the Drawer Fronts Parts View.

2. Rout or saw 12 " rabbets where shown on the drawer fronts (G and H) and sides (I). Note that the rabbets on the fronts are 12 " deep, those on the sides, 14 ".

3. Form a 14 " rabbet 14 " deep along the inside of the bottom edge of each drawer front, side, and back (parts G, H, I, J, and K).

4. Lay out the handle opening on each drawer front. Cut the handles with a bandsaw or scrollsaw.

5. Assemble the drawers with glue. The rabbets will create gaps at the corners on the bottom. You can cut pieces of wood to fill them, if you wish.

Finish the Base, and Mount the Lathe

1. Sand the base and drawers, and apply a durable finish. (We used clear polyurethane.)

2. After the finish dries, mount the lathe on top with suitable machine screws or bolts. If your lathe requires a separately mounted motor, build an appropriate L-shaped bracket, braced with triangular sides, and screw it to the back of the base.

3. Slide the drawers into the openings. A piece of nonskid material under the base will help secure it during use, or you could clamp it to your bench.

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