I love the tenoning jig that appeared in the June 1997 issue. But, when I couldn't find a local supplier for the plastic knobs, I built a knob using scrap birch and a 3/8" T-nut. Here's how:

  1. Draw vertical and horizontal centerlines on 34 x 4 x 4" stock.
  2. With a 1" forstner bit, drill a hole 14 " deep in the center, as shown above.
  3. Next, drill out the grips using the same bit to cut holes at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock, spaced 1 38 " from the center of the blank.
  4. Using a circle cutter set to 112 ", cut the knob free.
  5. From remaining material, cut a 1" knob stem with a plug cutter.
  6. Glue knob and stem together.
  7. Drill a 716 " hole through the center of the assembly to accommodate the 38 " T-nut.

You'll have an attractive knob that you can really get a grip on.
—Dennis O'Leary, Windsor, Calif.

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