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Add an adjustable outfeed roller to your sawhorse

When I needed an outfeed support for some long cedar deck boards I was ripping on my tablesaw, my sawhorses were not tall enough nor would they allow the wood to slide past. Fortunately, some leftover 12 " electrical conduit and PVC pipe provided a solution. My wooden sawhorses now serve double-duty as adjustable outfeed supports.

To make the roller frame, cut two pieces of conduit, a bit shorter than the sawhorse height, to work as side posts for the roller. Add a conduit hanger low on each end of the sawhorse to fix the roller's height. Next, drive a wood-screw-type eyebolt, with an eye large enough to accommodate the conduit, into the sawhorse's top brace to act as a guide. Attach the side posts, and add a 12 " conduit elbow. Measure the distance between the elbow ends, add 1", and cut the conduit crosspiece.

With the frame pieces cut and side posts installed, slip a piece of 1" PVC pipe over the crosspiece and fit the roller into the elbows. The roller parts are easily removed and rest nicely on the sawhorse cross braces. Also, the conduit hangers, equipped with wing nuts, offer infinite adjustability and can compensate for an uneven floor, or in my case, an uneven patio/yard where I set up my tablesaw.
Dave Baer, St. Louis

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