Defy gravity with this unique wine bottle holder

We keep coming across interesting wine bottle holders. Here's one more, designed by Eric Jorgensen of Chesapeake, Virginia. Eric asks that you only make a few for gifts using his design.

Apply the pattern to a 34 x 4 x 12" piece of scrap. (Eric likes to use exotic woods; the one pictured is made from goncalo alves.) Now, drill the 112 " through-hole, and the 316 " hole 38 " deep on the top side for the eye. Rout a 316 " chamfer around the large hole on both sides.

Cut the 45° bevel at the end of the tail. Except for the mouth, scrollsaw the fish to shape. On your router table, rout the 316 " round-over on the edges of the fish. Follow that by cutting the mouth, sanding, and finishing. Friction-fit the eye in place.

-- WOOD editors

Download Wine Bottle Holder Pattern