Catch the dust before it falls.

Two of our favorite topics in the WOOD® magazine shop are dust collection and safety, and this nifty apparatus combines both. It works so well you'll never want to remove the blade guard again.

To make this handy attachment, cut a hole in the top of your existing blade guard (our guard is made of clear acrylic) and cut the hardboard adapter to fit. Seal the joint between the blade guard and the hardboard adapter with a bead of silicone sealant. Then, connect the fittings to the blade guard as illustrated below. Cut the acrylic deflector to fit. Hold the deflector in place with silicone sealant or acrylic adhesive. Dust and chips thrown forward from the saw blade bounce off the deflector and get pulled into the flexible vacuum hose. Hang the hose directly above the blade and connect it to your shop vacuum or dust-collection system.


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