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Mitersaw Dust Hood

Clear the air in your workshop with this easy-to-make project.

Mitersaw Dust Hood

Dust-collection bags come as standard equipment on many mitersaws, but a lot of the sawdust never finds its way inside. You need a big opening and lots of air flow to corral the cloud that these machines churn up.

Jim's solution was to fashion a movable hood that accepts the hose from the dust collector. Set the saw to cut at any angle, then slide the hood into the ideal position for sucking up the dust. We built the hood and brackets with Baltic birch plywood, and used aluminum electrical conduit for the rails. See the drawings on this page for the building details. Our hood is designed to fit the commercial work cart that holds our mitersaw.

We went through a couple of very different designs before settling on this option. We saved a lot of time by making our prototypes from corrugated cardboard, cut from a box.

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